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M.Adrienn started to play the piano at age of 6. Music  was always part of her daily life as a BIG hobby. Graduated in Philology Modern Languages in Madrid,  and  following  her studies in France,  she never gave up on her dream of becoming a  Symphony Composer.


From 2008 until 2012 she studied Piano and Improvisation with a Professional Piano Teacher in Madrid taking private classes.  Since 2016 until now, she is studying Piano Improvisation&Composition via Online at Instituto de Educacion Musical (IEM) in Madrid, under the mentorship of her  Professor and Tutor Emilio Molina.  


From 2019  until 2020 M.Adrienn studied at the Global Music International Academy in Berlin, where she improved her Composition and Orchestration Piano skills. She continues to study with her professor and mentor Miguel Bareilles, author of several symphonies.


From 2021-2022 M. Adrienn studied Music Production with the Producer Juan Pablo de Luca in Berlin and finished her production  studies in 343 Labs Music Production School, Berlin, 2023.

She  participated in different music courses among which the  ´´Symphony Course´´ with Rajiv Narang, and  the ´´Orquestration Course´´ with Jonathan Peters.

End of 2020, she composed her first Album ´´Light in the Darkness´´, and it was published mid of 2023.